About Us

Many women and men,  like to own a statement piece of jewellery, and with an item from the Bibi emJay jewellery collection, this can certainly be achieved.
If you enjoy being different and wearing accessories that boast individuality then browse our collections and buy today.
Take a look through the Bibi emJay jewellery range shown online and view these fine pieces with admiration.
This is a brand new company, a new and unique selection of exciting jewellery.
We have  designed unique pieces that would appeal to varying age groups with a fully comprehensive collection appealing to many individuals of all styles and tastes.
If you like what you see from the Bibi emJay jewellery section, purchase some today.
People are sure to comment on your new addition.
Each item within the Bibi jewellery range continues to be handcrafted in the companies’ personal studio and each piece comes with the signature Bibi emJay disc attached.
Holding a trendy edge, the designs have evolved from human hands rather than from a drawing board, thus giving them a personal touch. This is Bibi emJay’s valued touch.
‘We are confident you will enjoy what you see and having purchased a piece of Bibi emJay, jewellery we think you will come back for more.
Whether buying as a treat for yourself or as a gift to another, the items found here are ideal..

We at Bibi emJay appreciate your comments, so if you feel you would like to tell us something, or would like us to design something that you have in mind, again we would appreciate your comments.  Email us at :


We will always try to help with any comments, good or bad.